Why syndication networks?

My company doesn’t blog on just one platform.  We blog on several platforms.  Recently, we have focused our effort onto syndication networks.

syndication network

On our initial webinar covering the topic, most of the participants were confused.  Why do I need a syndication network?

It was hard for me not to say, “why wouldn’t you want a syndication network?”  It’s really hard to explain how you can have a presence on multiple properties without having to manage every property.

That’s what syndication does – it automates your presence across multiple platforms.  You post on your blog (just like this one) and your other properties send out a notification.  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin…and many more.

You can spread the word across multiple properties with one post.  Of course, we don’t do that with all of our posts – but for most of them!  Your followers want to be the first to get information.  Automation helps them get that information as fast as possible.

We explain syndication networks in greater detail with some software recommendations on our sister blog.  You can see the post here: https://littlebizresources.com/build-your-own-syndication-network/

Next week, we’ll cover syndication networks in greater detail.  We’ll talk about how they help you deliver the content to your audience.

We’ll also discuss how you can partner with others in your industry to share each other’s content and provide even more to your customers.

If you’re interested in watching last week’s webinar, head on over to the Lead Generation Source Facebook Group.  Replays are posted in the group!


The Journey Begins

It’s funny that the first post WordPress provides is about beginning a journey.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


I figure, why not keep the already filled in items?  Does it really matter?  Will anyone ever read this?

As a business owner, everything we do creates a similar thought process.  Will our efforts yield results?

Sometimes, the results are not always positive.  I think back over my formal education.  Have you ever taken a college level marketing class?

I have had the…opportunity…to take a couple of them.  Not one of them taught me anything useful for a small business.  Every single one of them taught mass marketing.

Since that was a few years ago, it’s possible that new marketing classes teach something about social media- but you still don’t get the secrets for finding leads and driving traffic.

Most marketing books and classes are too general for real-life application.  This is where experience comes in handy.  The steps and skills are similar, so once you master one combination of steps and skills- you can rinse and repeat.

I’ll share information from the company I work with (Lead Generation Source).  We also offer a weekly webinar and recommendations for great products!  Stay tuned for more.