The Journey Begins

It’s funny that the first post WordPress provides is about beginning a journey.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


I figure, why not keep the already filled in items?  Does it really matter?  Will anyone ever read this?

As a business owner, everything we do creates a similar thought process.  Will our efforts yield results?

Sometimes, the results are not always positive.  I think back over my formal education.  Have you ever taken a college level marketing class?

I have had the…opportunity…to take a couple of them.  Not one of them taught me anything useful for a small business.  Every single one of them taught mass marketing.

Since that was a few years ago, it’s possible that new marketing classes teach something about social media- but you still don’t get the secrets for finding leads and driving traffic.

Most marketing books and classes are too general for real-life application.  This is where experience comes in handy.  The steps and skills are similar, so once you master one combination of steps and skills- you can rinse and repeat.

I’ll share information from the company I work with (Lead Generation Source).  We also offer a weekly webinar and recommendations for great products!  Stay tuned for more.